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The Beatles didn't stay

The Hamburg Scene:

In Germany, few jazz records survived the war. The British Forces Network played jazz, and young officers ran a jazz club in Hamburg, encouraging enthusiasts and making Oldtime Jazz the music of a whole generation. Bands proliferated. Chris Barber was a frequent visitor.
Still very popular today among senior citizens, Oldtime Jazz is played by many musicians of that generation, but as they fall by the wayside, younger musicians are taking their places.


Bill Hayley caused a near riot. Rock 'n' Roll had arrrived. Some learned the guitar. The Beatles were adopted by art students, becoming a local ledgend.

But the Beatles didn't stay. Other musicians did. Over the years Hamburg has attracted and become home to many musicians of international standing, many playing for the NDR Radio Orchestra. Herb Geller played with every noted American Bigband except two. Bob Lanese (ex James Last) has organised a top class practice Bigband here for 30 years.

Arena Dulsberg:

Arena was the working title of a group of parents and teachers from Alter Teichweg Comprehensive School in the Dulsberg quarter of Hamburg. Using the school hall, they put on a Sunday lunchtime music programme, and sold food and drinks, the proceeds going to support school activities.

Asked to photograph the 2nd. "Frühschoppen", I found this an ideal location and this became a photo exhibition showing the latest pictures of the bands, thus adding more atmosphere to the four yearly Sunday morning dates.


The Bramfeld Kulturladen is a cultural centre situated in an old farmhouse in the former village of Bramfeld, now a suburb of Hamburg. Bramfeld is "broom field" in English, hence the chosen colour of the house.

Brakula offers courses, music, hosts meetings, runs holiday activities for children and has a café and an Italian restaurant on site.

Brakula is home to a lively jazz club.
The similarity to "Drakula" is, of course, no accident.


The Hanse Swingers

are the Brakula Jazzclub's resident band. Don't ask, they know what it means! With a frontline of dedicated hobbyists supported by professional sidemen and occasional guests, their monthly dates make for a good evening of swing jazz and the opportunity for good photos. Brakula, third Tuesday of the month, 8 pm.

On the first Tuesday the Jazzclub features amateur bigbands, and gives school and youth bands the opportunity to perform before an enthusiastic audience.


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